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Singapore’s leading exercise rehab and sports injury clinic – combining physiotherapy, osteopathy, and rolfing to get you pain-free and back out there as soon as possible. 


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We're revolutionising Singapore's physiotherapy and rehabilitation industry. We think you deserve a choice!

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See what we're all about! Feel the excitement and passion we experience everyday at UFIT Clinic. 

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From physiotherapist to massage therapist's to Nutrition we've got it all here at the UFIT clinic. Take a look at what we've currently got going on.

Kelly mcginnity

Women's Health Specialist.

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Find out how our nutritionists, prenatal personal trainers and women's health physio can help you prepare for your pregnancy.

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All of us, whether we are conscious of it or not, live in a state of sensory-overload. Join our Meditation workshops and classes and learn how to relax & unwind.

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