A revolution in patient recovery and rehabilitation in Singapore –  Manual Therapists, Movement Specialists, Psychologists and Nutritionists working together to help you achieve your goals.


Singapore's only clinic that combines an international team of experts from multi-disciplinary backgrounds  to ensure that your health is always at the forefront. 


About us

We're revolutionising Singapore's physiotherapy and rehabilitation industry. We think you deserve a choice!

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See what we're all about! Feel the excitement and passion we experience everyday at UFIT Clinic. 

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What's going on

From physiotherapist to massage therapist's to Nutrition we've got it all here at the UFIT clinic. Take a look at what we've currently got going on.

meditation workshop

Join the popular Introduction to Meditation course for beginners by 26th August & start to create the pause-points that allow mindful living. 

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Podiatry and Foot care

The foot podiatrists use complex biomechanical assessments to diagnose foot pain, gait problems, walking and running patterns.

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Performance psychology

Learn how to help your child feel composed and confident before exams and major competitions, or manage stress and self-doubt before major events

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