All of us, whether we are conscious of it or not, live in a state of sensory-overload. The volume of information, the speed at which it enters our minds, and the pace of modern life, are growing exponentially. In addition, we experience daily exposure to what psychologists call ‘man-made stress-rampers’ such as noise, pollution, or competitive work, school and social cultures. With greater access to global news we are also exposed ‘world anxiety’ – the tension created through knowledge of broader world events that affect our sense of wellbeing.

We are physiologically and psychologically reacting to these aspects of modern life all the time, even in our sleep, and it has very marked effects on our mind/body systems.

Meditation calms the mind/body system and reconnects our consciousness with our entire Self, its subtle energetic systems and intelligence. Meditation creates a circuit-breaker to the stress cycle of modern living.

To ‘meditate’ is to consciously draw-in the dissipated mind, calm the mind/body system and dwell in a state of clear, alert awareness, at will. It is a scientific technique of both the body and the mind in combination. It is accompanied by significant physiological changes and it allows the practitioner to enter into their still, stable, centre of being.

When we regularly abide in this state, we see the world, our life experience and those within it in a whole new way; we live mindfully. We also experience healing, regeneration, synchronisation and revitalisation of our physical body.

Introduction to Meditation Workshop

Tuesday evenings, UFIT Clinic Raffles Quay

7pm-8pm, Nov 21st - nov 22nd

Introduction to Meditation is on again! Join the popular Introduction to Meditation course and start to create the pause-points that allow mindful living. 

Perfect for people new to meditation or as a refresher to reestablish a flagging practice. One hour a week over 4 weeks. $250 ($225 for existing UFIT clients)

This popular course offers clear direction on what meditation actually is; how the system responds to different practices and a variety of breathing and mindfulness techniques to get your private practice started. Instruction, support and detailed notes from The Meditation Teacher.

BOOKINGS CLOSE Saturday, 29th October… so get your skates on and call Thippa at the UFIT Clinic to book your spot.

Meditation Classes

WEEKLY Friday Morning Meditation* 

Drop-In: 7.30 -8.30am


Make Fridays your MIND-DAYS and bring the real benefits of meditation into how you think, feel and move through your week.

*Opening Friday 12th August 2016 - Book now!


The Friday Morning Meditation Drop-In is perfect for newcomers to meditation, those who are keen to boost their practice, or those who are considering a course, but would like to get a feel for meditation first. 

Each week we cover basic simple techniques to enable you to get started, with instruction and guided practice, including breath work, traditional meditations and visualisations. Lessons stand alone, however there is greater benefit in regular attendance. 

Sessions are held at the UFIT Clinic in the heart of the CBD - quiet, bathed in natural light, overlooking the water and high above the busy hum of the city.


$30/session. Bookings are essential.

Join us at 6 Raffles Quay #14-02, Singapore, 048580 every Monday from 25th April!

Our Meditation Coach


Dani van de Velde

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