Movement Screen

The goal of everyone on the exercise program is to make sure that you should be to help you perform better of course, but also to avoid injuries and pain. We are only as strong as our weakest link. But how does your body break down? Most injuries (when they don’t involve a weight dropping on your toe) are due to the muscle imbalances within our body. In training, we put our bodies under repeated stress, and these muscle imbalances lead to a breakdown in movement patterns, and then injuries. 

The Movement Screen is your assessment to discover these muscle imbalances and dysfunctional movement patterns. It is a snapshot of where you are in terms of your coordination, and an indication of where your muscle tightness is, and where you might have unexpected weakness. Not only will we be assessing your posture and movement, we will also provide you with a measurement of body fat percentage from our nutritionists, as well as getting an idea of where you are in terms of your goals and motivations with help from our psychologist, to help you start devising your own short and medium term plan for success. 

Your report card from the Movement Screen will be sent to you as a measurement of your progress. We will also share it with your trainer, and collaborate with him or her to devise a strategy to eradicate your weaknesses and improve your mobility, making you a fitter, stronger, and more injury resistant athlete. 


Screens conducted by

Declan Halpin

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Stephen Greenan 

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Glenn Van der Veen 

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