As Singapore’s leading exercise rehab, injury recovery and women's health clinic, our holistic approach and full range of physiotherapy and massage-related services will get you back on track as soon as possible.

See what we're all about and why we've been recognised as Singapore's best sports rehab facility! Feel the excitement and passion we experience everyday at UFIT Clinic.

WINNER - 2017 Fitness Best Sports Rehabilitation Facility of the Year Award

We've revolutionised Singapore's physiotherapy and rehabilitation industry. Whether you have a specific issue that needs attention or want to move your body more freely so you exercise better, we think you deserve a choice!

"Declan has cultivated the creme de la creme of rehabilitation specialists in Singapore (and likely South East Asia) at the UFIT Clinic, and whoever you see will be sure to get you back on the road to recovery"

Kelly Latimer, Host & Vocal Talent

What's going on

From physiotherapy and osteopathy to massage and pre-natal programs, we've got it all here at the UFIT Clinic. 

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Treatment for pain relief, injuries and mobility often requires a holistic approach such as that provided by an Osteopath. 

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pre-natal program

Learn from the best prenatal specialists during our 7-week program. Our nutritionists, prenatal personal trainers and women's health physio can help you prepare for your during pregnancy.

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Not only is massage incredibly relaxing and helps with pain relief, it's also an important way to mobilise our muscles so we exercise better.

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