The Benefits of At Home Physiotherapy by Health Comes to You

Health Comes to You is Singapore’s premium at home physiotherapy service. We offer a full range of physiotherapy interventions, provided to you by a team of specialist male and female therapists, both locally and internationally trained.

Our team includes;

  • Orthopaedic (after surgery) physiotherapists
  • Physiotherapist trained in treating pain and injury
  • Paediatric physiotherapists
  • Neurological physiotherapists
  • Osteoporosis and Parkinson's Disease physiotherapists

Why choose at home physio? Well, many people prefer at home physiotherapy because after just one session it is possible for your therapist to fully understand your needs as an individual (yes, every patient is different!) This is because performing physiotherapy in your home environment means that your therapist can witness your problems first hand.

There are many other reasons that make at home physiotherapy a great choice, here are some of them:

1. Convenience

-        To put it simply, we do all the travel so that you don’t have to! Many of us in Singapore work very long hours and are ‘time poor’, having physio at home will certainly help free up your day and reduce the need (and stress) of making additional arrangements e.g. childcare

-        If your mobility is currently an issue (for example after surgery), this removes the problem, and the expense of getting to a clinic for treatment


2. Flexible appointments

-        We appreciate that you may need to see a physiotherapy outside of normal working hours, this is why we offer evening and weekend appointments at no extra cost

3. Health Insurance compatible – offering the cashless method

-        The great news is that physiotherapy at home is fully claimable under insurance. In many circumstances you won’t need to pay a cent, as the company deals directly with your insurance of your behalf

4. Personalised service

-        Physiotherapy at home is highly personal and many of our patients feel more relaxed exploring pain or discussing medical complaints at home than they do behind a curtain or in a cubicle

-        Physiotherapy at home also means that you have the freedom to explore alternative treatment modalities with your physiotherapy, such as hydrotherapy (water based rehab), gym based rehab and Pilates

-        We provide equipment to be used during the session, and will assist you to source any additional equipment that you may need e.g. foam roller

Are you ready to start physio at home in Singapore? Contact us today to arrange an initial assessment with one of our specialist physios on +65 8358 2144 or email