Get moving with a recovery massage

Some still think of massage as a luxury reserved for pampered ladies with time on their hands, or a quick 10 minute shoulder rub at your desk.

These are both equally valid and enjoyable, however at UFIT we know that the right massage is an essential part of your recovery when training hard.

And what harder, more intense way to train than at CrossFit and MetCon. The combination of intensity and power required for short bursts of activity is exhilarating, achieves results fast and is addictive very quickly.

However, if you don’t supplement that intensity with recovery for your muscles, then man do they ache. And if you’re aching, then when you’re next at the Box you won’t squat so low, jump so high, or snatch your 1 rep max.

A UFIT sports massage includes a full consultation on your body and your lifestyle. Our recovery specialists themselves do CrossFit and MetCon, so are best placed to assess flexibility, restrictions and where function needs to be restored. It can be full body for a general treatment to prevent DOMs or focus on one area of scar tissue recovery.


For example, you’ve been thrusting kettle bells all week, overhead squatting like a demon and throw in a few box jumps and your glutes are on fire. The gluteus medius and gluteus maximus are 2 major power muscles in your bum. Because they are big muscles we put a lot of pressure on them and often don’t realize the pivotal role they play in most functional movements. Often people comment that they didn’t realize there was any problem, until they are massaged. A warm-up and a few trigger points later and the contracted fibres relax, gliding happily and restriction free.

Some key areas where massage can help:

  • Promote efficient scar formation, by laying down the new fibres in an orderly manner
  • Reduce excessive adhesion aiding range of motion
  • Reduce excessive fascial thickening
  • Reduce spasm
  • Improve cardiovascular delivery of oxygen and nutrients to your muscles
  • Aid concentration and focus

At CrossFit, whether new or seasoned, you will be pushing yourself to new levels constantly. It’s your responsibility to your amazing body to give it the support it needs to get there.

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About the Author, Lynsey Keyes 


Lynsey Keyes is a UK trained massage therapist and certified in both ITEC and BTEC level 4 Massage and Anatomy and Physiology. Having spent 15 years working in high-pressure marketing roles, Lynsey embraced her ultimate passion in bodywork and uses her experience to help people overcome the physical and mental stresses of modern life.

She is a passionate believer that massage should be a part of our everyday lives to support our bodies in whatever challenge we put upon them; whether you are a professional sports person, have a sore back from carrying your baby, or simply need to release some tension from a day in the office.