Effective Mobility Drills You Can Do Anywhere

Effective Mobility Drills You Can Do Anywhere.png

In our increasingly sedentary modern lifestyles, we often end our days feeling stiff and the sensation of “tightness” in our muscles. We speak to Dan Arthur, Physiotherapist at UFIT Clinic one-north, as he shows us a few mobility drills you can do to iron out any kinks you might have.

Also, these would come in handy during your summer vacation, given that no equipment is needed.


1. Hip mobility (Cossack Squat) - Start by standing with your feet shoulder width apart or wider. Shift your weight onto your left foot, while lifting your toes on the opposite side. Drop into a lateral lunge as deep as you can. Repeat on the other side Aim for 8-10 reps

2. Shoulder mobility-  In the yoga "childs pose", extend arms out straight. Lift one arm off the floor and rotate it round behind your back, and back to start position. repeat 10 times for both arms.

3. Thoracic mobility - On all fours, place your outstretched arms onto an elevated surface. On exhalation drop you chest toward to floor. and hold for 7 breathes, sinking deeper into the stretch for each exhalation.

4. Lower back mobility (Jefferson curl) - Stand up tall with your legs straight and together. Begin the movement by tucking your chin into your chest. Then, slowly continue to round your back one vertebrae at a time. As you curl, feel the weight of your arms "pull" you lower towards the floor.


1. Hip mobility flow

2. Shoulder and thoracic mobility - roll up a towel and place in down the centre of your spine. squeeze your shoulder blades back and reach your arms up over your head

Repeat 10 times 

So, give the above a try to help with your mobility, even when you are on vacation!


Daniel is a UK trained Physiotherapist and a level 4 advanced Personal Trainer with a passion for martial arts. He has devoted his life to fitness and focuses his career on injury rehabilitation and prevention. He also has a special interest in dizziness, headaches and vestibular rehabilitation.

Daniel has a black belt in Korean kickboxing/Taekwondo and a black belt in American freestyle kickboxing. He has been teaching kickboxing since the age of 16, from beginners to experienced fighters. He has fought internationally; most recently he represented England at the ICO World championships in Italy, and came home with a bronze medal.