Pre-natal massage: the touch you need to relieve pregnancy-related aches


Pregnancy is a magical and momentous experience.  It is also a significant time for every mums-to-be as you experience physical changes in your body to accommodate your new little addition. The amount of pressure pregnancy puts on your neck, lower back, ankles, and your pelvis can cause a great deal of discomfort. This is not unexpected, as your whole weight distribution is shifting, and your posture may need a little help to readjust. All you want is to feel a bit of relief from the cramps and body aches!

Pregnancy also increases blood flow in your body. You may feel warmer and perspire more easily. The numerous hormonal changes and the enormity of your impending life change can also – let’s be honest about it, play havoc with your emotions. Depression and anxiety are often overlooked, but the experience is very real and may be overwhelming.

At UFIT Clinic, aside from working with athletes, we also wholeheartedly support expectant mums in their journey through pregnancy. Our team of pre-natal trained specialists are trained in working with expectant mums to help ease the discomforts you often experience in pregnancy. Having a massage can provide expectant mums a much-needed relief from these physical and psychological symptoms associated with pregnancy.


A pre-natal massage helps to improve your blood circulation, reduce swelling, and lower your blood pressure. It also helps you to you feel relaxed, lower your stress levels, and the very simple power of the right touch can be immensely soothing to your senses.

An experienced pre-natal therapist will make you feel comfortable, and work in a way that is safe for you and your baby. Trained pre-natal therapists are able to understand the baby’s position, and take into account the lymphatic system and blood circulation. Techniques are adjusted to suit your individual needs – a lighter stroke, more focus on hands and feet, and a gentle face massage to soothe away tension and headaches.


The attention does not end when your baby is born. Post pregnancy, a post-natal massage can give your body and mind a much needed break from the responsibilities of looking after a newborn. You might even nod off, just a little bit, but we won’t tell.

Lastly, always make sure your therapist knows that you are pregnant, and that your gynaecologist gave you the medical clearance to proceed!



Lynsey Keyes is a UK trained massage therapist and certified in both ITEC and BTEC level 4 Massage and Anatomy and Physiology. Having spent 15 years working in high-pressure marketing roles, Lynsey embraced her ultimate passion in bodywork and uses her experience to help people overcome the physical and mental stresses of modern life.

She is a passionate believer that massage should be a part of our everyday lives to support our bodies in whatever challenge we put upon them; whether you are a professional sports person, have a sore back from carrying your baby, or simply need to release some tension from a day in the office.