So what does a Golf Physiotherapist actually do?

Are you an avid golfer looking to improve your game or need assistance with an injury? Find out why you might be in need of a Golf Physiotherapist to help say goodbye to those niggles and pains.



What is a ‘Golf Physiotherapist”?

Simply, a Golf Physiotherapist is a specialised in the assessment and management of injuries which are unique to golfers and the golf swing.

What’s different about a Golf Physiotherapist from a general Physiotherapist?

An in-depth knowledge and understanding of the game of golf! Golf as a sport poses a unique biomechanical load on the human body, and requires specific areas of flexibility and stability in order to play well and injury free.

Having trained with the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI), we utilise a system incorporating video analysis, golf specific movement screening and physiotherapy assessment techniques to identify any dysfunctions and potential causes of injury.

What does a golf Physiotherapist do?

We look at your golf swing, and we break down the golf swing to see how your body moves in each specific phase of the swing. Using this data, we can be specific on what is causing your issues and target the cause, not just the effect. After identifying these dysfunctions, targeted interventions using manual therapy, mobility work, flexibility training and strength training are implemented to getting you back to your optimal level of performance.


How will a Golf Physiotherapist help me?

By addressing your weakness in the gym and the clinic, you are then able to work on your strengths on the course and the range. At the UFIT Clinic, we work closely with your coach to ensure your body is capable of performing the best swing for you. If you are injured, a golf specific Physiotherapist will identify the part of your body where the dysfunction originates and work on improving both your short and long term health.

Paul Doohan talks Golf with Su Ann Heng

Paul Doohan talks Golf with Su Ann Heng

Do I have to be injured to see a Golf Physiotherapist?

No, anybody who wants to improve their golfing performance will benefit from seeing a golf physiotherapist! One of our major aims is injury prevention. If your back, neck, shoulder, wrist or elbow are giving niggling issues which are not yet stopping you playing, we can intervene to prevent a performance limiting problem from developing. Its much easier to prevent a problem than to fix a problem!

Who should see a Golf Physiotherapist?

If you are worried about any physical issue limiting your performance, if you have any pain during your golf swing, if you are finding the last 4 holes are a real struggle, or if you are looking at improving your performance and reducing your handicap, you will benefit massively from a consultation with our Golf Physiotherapist. You will be healthier, and your game will improve.

Golf specific therapists have been around for a few years on the PGA and USPGA tours, and are very popular in the United States.

Having this systematic approach to the golfers physical health and his/her swing allows a golf physiotherapist to provide the optimal care to the athlete.

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About the Author

Paul Doohan is one of the UFIT Clinic's top Physiotherapists and specialises in Golf Physiotherapy. Possessing a certification with the Titleist Performance Institute, Paul specialises in the assessment and treatment of golfers, helping deliver effective results in injury management and prevention, as well as performance improvement.

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