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Recently made her career switch, Cassandra is a firm believer that everyone, athletes or not, can benefit from a sports massage. They would feel better, move better and be happier! Cassandra took up running in 2015 to shed off the stubborn post-baby weight. Running has not only helped her to lose the weight, it has also ignited her passion in the sport. She injured herself in early 2017 due to the high mileage as she began running daily without any proper knowledge of maintenance and taking care of her body.

Visitations to physiotherapist and sports massage helped her tremendously in the recovery. She realised the importance of regular sports massages and the benefits one can reap from it. She also realises that not many athletes are aware of the benefits and importance of sports massage. She notices especially many runners injure themselves yet they do not go through a proper recovery programs; thus they will injure themselves again and again.

She decided to leave her 20 years of marketing job to become a certified Sports Massage therapist. Her aim is to share and educate runners and athletes the importance and benefits of regular sports massage :

  • Minimise muscle tension

  • Improve relaxation

  • Better recovery after physical activities

  • Reduce fatique

  • Prevent injuries and reduce pain

An ultra trail runner junkie, she travels regularly for mountain trail races. She loves meeting new friends during the races. As a therapist, she works with many runners who would see her for their pre and post races. She gets her job satisfaction when her patients tell her they feel better, lighter and feel like flying instead of running after the sports massage :)

"Be Awesome, Run Happy, Run Free, Keep on Hoping, Keep the Faith and be filled with Love" :)


  • International Sports Academy Certificate in Basic Sports Massage

  • Advanced Sports Massage Course (Singapore)