Dani Van de Velde



Dani Van de Velde is a qualified meditation teacher with over twenty years of personal practice and over ten years teaching experience.

Dani helps others understand and master the art of meditation through private coaching and courses and tailored programs for schools and organisations. She is also a popular speaker at networking forums and workshops.

Dani is a member of the Meditation Association of Australia recognizing the standard of her teaching and program development.

Dani’s teaching is experiential. She draws from techniques and wisdom of numerous world traditions, current research and her own experience to enable her students to experience their innate ability to meditate and the amazing benefits that it offers. Dani believes that when we have a cognitive understanding of the energetic and physiological processes of meditation, we can more readily move the consciousness into a meditative state and deepen the experience each time. 

Prior to teaching meditation and motherhood, Dani enjoyed an extensive career in Strategic Development, Communications and Cultural Change programming and delivery in the financial services and property sectors, based in Australia, London and New York.


Relevant to meditation teaching:

  • Transformative Meditation Facilitation with Louise Gilmore OAM
  • Awareness Institute, Sydney Australia
  • Advanced Meditation Mastery with Louise Gilmore OAM
  • Awareness Institute, Sydney Australia

Other qualifications held:

  • Bachelor of Commerce, University of NSW, Australia
  • Major in Finance and Legal Studies
  • Bachelor of Arts, University for Foreigners Perugia, Italy
  • Majors in Italian Literature, Language and EU Capital Markets

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