Dr. Jay-Lee Nair



My focus is to provide psychological support to youth and adult individuals looking to raise their standard of performance, thrive under pressure, and maximise their potential in their chosen endeavours. 

I am skilled in the design and delivery of performance psychology services in the form of group based mental skills training and individual consultations for high achievers in sport, exercise, and corporate performance.

As a former USA NCAA Div-I, collegiate golf player with Academic All-American honours, I know what it takes to balance high performance commitments with other life areas.

I completed a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology at Washington State University, obtained my Master of Psychology from California State University, Fullerton and a PhD in Sport and Exercise Psychology from the University of Western Australia. I am a registered Psychologist with the Psychologists Board of Australia.

As an Adjunct Assistant Professor at the National University of Singapore, I am passionate about the study of psychology and in particular, the examination of perfectionism in individuals. I have published multiple research papers examining perfectionism in sport and exercise, including the invitation to write a co-authored book chapters in the latest edition of the Handbook of Health and Well-being, as well as Routledge’s new International Handbook of Golf Science (to be released in 2017). My most recently published book is titled: An examination of maladaptive and adaptive perfectionism in exercise: Does perfectionism energise or compromise one’s exercise endeavours?

My publications in exercise psychology are the direct result of my passion for exercise and my previous work in the health and fitness industry, as a program manager and personal trainer in corporate fitness in Australia, harnessing my skills in wellness coaching and the application of motivation science in weight loss planning and lifestyle change for busy professionals.

I am a regular contributing writer in performance and well-being topics for the Golf/ Women Magazine, Pro Tour Golf College, and RUN magazine Singapore.


My specialty sports are golf, swimming, and gymnastics. I am passionate about helping individuals identify their performance strengths, sharpen focus and efficiency in training, reduce performance anxiety, re-calibrate perfectionism causing stress, and achieve greater self-confidence.