Golf Swing Analysis

What is Golf Swing Analysis

Our golf fitness assessment is physical screening based on golf biomechanics and the unique demands the sport puts on the body. We firmly believe that golfers and their performance will benefit from a healthy and efficient body. Using our physiotherapy experience with elite level golfers, we can help golfers identify the simplest ways of improving their fitness and performance.

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What the process is

We use a physical screen specific to the golfer, assessing swing mechanics, physical fitness, movement quality and biomechanics. The golf swing is analysed after hitting some shots in the clinic, and then the body is screened for its golf fitness to assess the connection of the body and the swing. Based on the outcomes of this test, we devise a plan unqiue to the golfer. This plan can include physical training, corrective exercises, and physiotherapy.

Who Would Benefit

An improvement in physical fitness will improve a golfers performance. So, anyone who is looking to get better at golf would benefit from a fitness assessment. If you are experiencing any stiffness, aching, or just feel like you’re not able to move effectively, then you would also benefit from a golf fitness assessment. If you have limited or stopped playing golf due to an injury, then an assessment with our golf physiotherapist will help you get back onto the course and swinging freely.

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