We don't just treat your symptoms, we deal with the source of your issues using a variety of massage techniques.

We believe in providing quality care which will make a difference, and therefore every session includes an assessment of your issues, and objective charting of your range of movement, function, and pain.

Each massage therapy program at the UFIT Clinic is designed to suit the needs of the individual. We treat athletes, CrossFit competitors, and runners to aid in performance and avoid injury. We treat both pre-and post-natal mothers to help with pain management and help them deal with the challenges they face while caring for their baby.

Finally, we treat those suffering from chronic pain issues in their neck, back, hips or legs, who need help with their symptoms while they work to find a solution.

All our sessions are carried out by skilled and experienced physiotherapists, and therefore can often be claimed through your medical insurance policy – please check with your provider before attending a session with us.

Sports Massage Promo for CrossFit Open

If you are participating in the CrossFit Open at CrossFit Bukit Timah and UFIT Tanjong Pagar, UFIT Clinic is offering 5 x 30 minutes sports massage for $450 at any of the 3 Clinics for the 5-week duration of the CrossFit Open from 22 February to 30 March!

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Sports Massage Therapy Promotion

From 8-15 June, improve your athletic performance and get 1 free session when you purchase a pack of 10.

Our UFIT Massage Therapists

Lynsey Keyes    One-North

Lynsey Keyes


Dipti Mistry    6 Raffles Quay

Dipti Mistry

6 Raffles Quay

Cassandra Hie    Orchard

Cassandra Hie