About Mat Pilates Class

Increase your body awareness and live injury and pain-free

Pilates is a great exercise for activating the muscles that have become “switched off” from being in a prolonged sedentary position, and helping you to develop the deep core muscles which are crucial for pain-free daily function, optimal performance during sports, and injury prevention.

Through its extensive repertoire and targeting of very specific muscle groups, Pilates will make you 'feel' muscles you never knew you had, and also increase your body awareness significantly. So when you start to notice that your posture is off alignment and causing unnecessary stress on your body, you can correct and reposition yourself.

MAT PILATES CLASS | Max class size: 8 pax


Mat Pilates is a great low impact workout that targets your deep core muscles and challenges your strength and stability. With the use of small props such as resistant bands and magic circles, our Pilates Specialist will guide you through a series of exercises that is guaranteed to give you an intense full body workout. Mat Classes are held every Thursday evening at UFIT Raffles Quay Clinic. Group size is capped at 8 clients per class.

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Promo details: 10-class pack at $350 | Drop-in at $45
Location: Raffles Quay Clinic
Time: Thursdays 7:15pm – 8:15pm