One-to-one Pilates Services

Why do you need One-to-one Consultations?


A private pilates session is the best way to address your personal needs with our Pilates specialists.  Book a time that best fits into your schedule, and enjoy the privacy and attention that is personalised to suit your goals. Our instructors are trained to work with an extensive range of physical issues. Whether it is injury rehabilitation, pre or post natal strengthening, or to improve your body’s alignment so that you can be in top physical condition, we can customize a program for you to achieve the best results. Private sessions will be done on both the reformer and mat with props.

Private sessions are available for booking at Raffles Quay Clinic in the CBD, or Orchard Clinic in the heart of Singapore’s shopping district.

Is pilates for me?

Are you in a desk-bound job that sees you in a prolonged seated position for long hours a day?


If you are, you may have experienced issues such as body aches, stiff joints, migraines and headaches as your muscles weaken and reduce in range of movement due to inactivity. Pilates helps to improve your flexibility by encouraging you to counter-balance those positions that you find yourself stuck in for long periods of time – such as rounding forward over your keyboard, or slumping towards your computer screen.

Pilates for pregnant and new mums

Keeping active during pregnancy with a low impact exercise such as Pilates can help reduce stretch marks, cellulite, loose skin, improve your posture, and reduce body aches.

For new mums, abdominal separation is a common concern. Additionally, many women injure their nerve endings when giving birth, which damages the pelvic floor muscles and affects the ability to control the bladder. Pilates exercise strengthens the deep core and pelvic muscles to reduce the risk of such post-pregnancy issues.


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