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I’ve played tennis for almost 15 years, but because I have suffered repeated injuries I was forced to stop at age 20... I felt frustrated with the idea that people need to stop doing what they like because of sports related injuries I decided to go into physiotherapy to understand more about how to prevent these events from happening and how we can help athletes achieve their goals without the risk of jeopardizing their careers.

For me, being fit and healthy means being happy. Being fit and healthy also gives me the opportunity to do the sports I love.  Since recovering from injury, I have run 2 run marathons, 1 mountain biking marathon, and 4 ski touring marathons. All with great effort but with no major injuries.

My biggest strength is being able to combine everything that I’ve learnt in order to offer the complete solution for my patients. I can offer insight into clinical pathology, exercise prescription and alternative modalities (such as electrotherapy – balneotherapy or laser therapy), while on the osteopathy side I can apply highly specialised techniques such as HVT, MET, segmental mobilisations, articulatory techniques and soft tissue techniques, all with an integrated, holistic view.  I will always put my patient’s interests first, and I would always admit if I can’t help them and direct them to seek advice somewhere else. 

Working as an osteopath is like being a detective. Every person is different and the cause of their ailments is not evident sometimes. It is easy to give them a quick fix, but much harder to find the root cause of their problem. 

I work with aquatic hydrotherapy and breathing retraining, neurological rehabilitation, phlebology / lymphology, use MSK techniques, taping, cupping, medical acupuncture and Still Technique, TCM and traditional acupuncture techniques, to offer a very rounded experience.



  • Master in Osteopathy (MsC Pre-Reg), The British School of Osteopathy, London, UK

  • Bachelor of Physiotherapy, AI. I Cuza University, Lasi, Romania

  • Bachelor of Economics and Business Administration, Alexandru loan Cuza University, Lasi, Romania

  • Medical Acupuncture Degree, The British Medical Acupuncture Society, London, UK

  • Still Technique Course, The British School of Osteopathy, London, UK

  • Functional Cupping Certificate, FIDN Limited, London, UK

  • The Digestive Tract: From Anatomy to Treatment, Catalyst CPD, London, UK

  • Medical Taping Certificate, Physiotape International Academy, Lasi, Romania