Balance your mind and your body to unlock your potential.

Sports and Performance Psychology is a key part of this, and underpins everything that we do at the UFIT Clinic. 

We have partnered with Dr Jay-Lee Nair from Mental Notes Consulting (MNC) to provide the best service in performance psychology. 

The philosophy behind MNC is that if we can physically train our bodies to become fitter, more skilled and tougher… psychological skills training at MNC can do the same for your mind!  We teach psychological skills to individuals in a similar way that a technical coach teaches technical and physical skills.  MNC believes that using your mind as a performance tool you can ensure that you are performing to your optimal level and enjoying the outcomes of your achievements.

Athletic Performance Enhancement

To reach the next level in your sport, physical training and conditioning should be balanced with training for the mind. If you want to be successful, you need to learn how to effectively manage your thoughts and emotions during competitions. If you’re looking to perform well and consistently under pressure, manage your competition anxiety, and recover from setbacks with confidence, then working with Dr Jay-Lee at UFIT Clinic is your best solution.


Health and Wellbeing

The mind and body are inextricably linked. Issues generally arise when we ignore chronic muscle tension, body aches and pains, and fatigue, to the point where it takes control of us! Many individuals who visit us with these symptoms do not realise that these experiences are commonly linked to unhealthy perfectionistic striving, stress, and anxiety in their daily lives. If you’re looking for proven and workable solutions to feel healthier, happier, and balanced, Dr Jay-Lee at UFIT Clinic can introduce you to unique psychological skills and strategies that will help you take control and thrive in your life’s ‘performances’.


Injury Rehabilitation

We understand how injuries from sport, performing arts, or work can make a huge impact on your performance and mood. During the physical rehabilitation phase, it’s common for individuals to lose direction, confidence, and focus on what they “can’t do”. If you’re looking to bounce back from your injury, we value sharing the skills and strategies to not only get through being injured, but also to make the most of the down time you’ll experience. Our performance psychologist will also work closely with your physiotherapist, coach, or parents to help you integrate these skills into your sport and life beyond our sessions.


Sport and Performance Psychologist


Jay-Lee Nair 

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