improve postural alignment and build deep abdominal strength with pilates.

Often injury and pain occur as a result of repetition or recurrence of poor postures, and excessive strain on your muscle tissues that are under-prepared for your daily physical tasks.

Pilates activates the muscles that have become ‘switched off’ from being in a prolonged seated or sedentary position common in the lifestyles of busy office workers. It encourages activation and strengthening of the deep core muscles which helps to protect the spine and prepare the body for movement, and thereby preventing injury. Regular Pilates practice can help you to develop a more mindful, strong, and flexible body, enabling you to engage in your favourite sports and daily activities pain-free.


A private session is the best way to address your personal needs with our Pilates specialists.  Book a time that best fits into your schedule, and enjoy the privacy and attention that is personalized to suit your goals. Our instructors are trained to work with an extensive range of physical issues. Whether it is injury rehabilitation, pre or post natal strengthening, or to improve your body’s alignment so that you can be in top physical condition, we can customize a program for you to achieve the best results. Private sessions will be done on both the reformer and mat with props.

Mat Class

Mat Pilates is a great low impact workout that targets your deep core muscles and challenges your strength and stability. With the use of small props such as resistant bands and magic circles, our Pilates Specialist will guide you through a series of exercises that is guaranteed to give you an intense full body workout. Mat Classes are held every Thursday evening in a convenient downtown location at the UFIT Raffles Quay Clinic. Group size is capped at 8 clients per class.

Reformer Pilates Class

The group reformer class is led by a Physiotherapist with an extensive experience working with desk-bound office executives with fast-paced lifestyles. Common ailments such as neck pain, upper and lower back stiffness, and muscle spasms can be addressed with better physical alignment and improved muscle control. Classes are kept small at a maximum of 3 clients per class, to ensure that each client gets ample attention. Classes are run daily at UFIT Orchard Clinic from Mondays to Saturdays, at convenient timings throughout the day.

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