1)     I am away for one or two of the sessions! Is there anyway that we can make this up?

Unfortunately, if you miss the Saturday morning session, we will not have a make-up session for this later in the week. However, we will be emailing you out all of the information covered in the session, and each speaker will be speaking at least twice, so you will get an opportunity to ask questions later in the program if you miss a particular expert the first time round.

2)     If I can’t (or don’t need) to attend all the sessions, can I get a discount?

The price for the course covers not only the workshops, but also the exercise classes, the meditation classes, and the time of the experts and coaches who will be supporting you online and through email. Therefore, we will not be offering a discount to those who can’t make it to all sessions.

3)     How much emphasis is there on the exercise component?

Each session will last 90 minutes. This will involve an educational workshop for 45 minutes, and an exercise session for 45 minutes. We view both aspects as equally important! Just like the workshops, the exercise component will change from week to week as we take you through Pre-Natal Yoga sessions, Pilates sessions, or a Strength Circuit classes - depending on the week.

4)     This is not my first child. Do I still need to come to the education section?

Our goal at UFIT PreNatal is to help create a community of support for each other, and so we would like all the mothers involved to come to both parts of the morning. The workshops are not designed to be a lecture – we will be actively encouraging people to share their experiences, ask questions and be involved as much as possible. As a second or third time mother, we would welcome your insights on what you found worked for you, as this will only help the others around you!

5)     Where is the course taking place?

As you know, UFIT has a number of different possible venues. We are currently assessing the different possibilities, as it depends on the size of the group we begin with on the first Saturday. We will, of course, let you know as soon as we have confirmed this.

6)     Will there be other Pre-Natal fitness classes besides this Saturday morning program?

Yes! We plan on introducing both a Pre-Natal Yoga group once a week, as well as a Strength class. Also, as part of this program, you get a trial with one of the Pre-Natal certified trainers at UFIT, to explore the possibility of one-on-one coaching through your pregnancy. Also, as you know UFIT has a number if bootcamp locations around the city, and we will work with the coaches to ensure that ladies on our program are safe and happy when partaking in these bootcamp classes with UFIT.


For any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us to ask!