About the UFIT Pre-natal Class

Pre-Natal class at UFIT

Held every Saturday morning at UFIT Amoy from 9am-10am, the Pre-natal class is led by a qualified pre-natal trainer Holly Klimcke, focusing on keeping women strong and healthy throughout pregnancy, and also building a community for all pregnant women to share their experiences. Providing holistic care for you, Lucie Lamprey, our resident Women’s Health Specialist, will provide guidance as you partake. She will also be assessing everyone before they begin the Pre-natal classes.

Exercise during Pregnancy

Exercise is a very important part of having a healthy pregnancy! Learn the effects of exercise on your body during pregnancy, the best approach, and things to avoid over the next 9 months from our Pre and Postnatal qualified trainer, Holly.

The Changing Body during Pregnancy

Our pre-natal specialist physiotherapist will explain the physical changes that are taking place in your body and how to manage pregnancy related aches and pains. You will also learn the importance of training your pelvic floor during pregnancy, why it is important, and how to do it effectively.