nutritioNAL Therapist



Rebecca believes that being healthy encompasses a huge array of different areas, and one persons’ health is completely different to the next. She believes that the most vital connection between us all, is the importance in what we put into our bodies.

Having spent the last 2 years working with clients, Rebecca has worked to support many different ailments and goals. She is intent on getting the gut right, and uses personalised gut healing protocols. 

After travelling in Africa and seeing the impact of nutrition on the local population, with extremes of malnutrition in some areas whilst in others healthy populations successfully living off the land, she was inspired to investigate further into how health defines us.
She came to realise that she wanted to learn more about our bodies, nutrition and how we can use food as medicine, and that’s exactly what lead her to studying Naturopathic nutrition at CNM.

Rebecca believes that: 

“There’s not one road to health that works for everyone. Just as we are all unique and individual – so is our health. Being healthy should not be a chore and nourishing our bodies through food does not have to be expensive. Nothing happens overnight but with a combination of consistency in nutrition and in the gym, you will see results”

Subsequently, Rebecca works by personalising her approach with each client and provides them with specifically tailored plans.  
She walks her talk and lives by what she preaches. She is ever the student, seeking and learning new ways that enhance health.