About the UFIT Pilates Reformer CLass 

Explore and expand the capabilities of your body with Pilates Reformer training


Target specific areas of weakness or inflexibility with Pilates Reformer practice, and improve your performance in other sports, hobbies, and other daily activities. Pilates has been proven to be an effective component of a well-rounded exercise program to compliment your current training schedule. With its wide and varied repertoire of movements, Pilates Reformer training can be adjusted to suit any body type.

Pilates is best taught by an instructor who has extensive experience within a rehabilitation setting. This allows the instructor to scrutinise your every move to ensure you're doing the movements perfectly, thus eliminating the room for error to achieve the best results.

PILATES REFORMER CLASS | Max class size: 3 pax

The small group Pilates Reformer Class at Orchard Clinic is led by a qualified Physiotherapist with extensive experience working with desk-bound office executives with fast-paced lifestyles. Common ailments such as neck pain, upper and lower back stiffness, and muscle spasms can be addressed with better physical alignment and improved muscle control.

Classes are kept small at a maximum of 3 clients per class, to ensure that each client gets ample attention. While there are other Pilates Reformer classes in Singapore, this will be the only class that offers an individually tailored program led by a Physiotherapist who will pick from an extensive repertoire of exercises to best achieve your specific goals.

Classes are run daily at UFIT Orchard Clinic from Mondays to Saturdays, at convenient timings throughout the day.

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Location: Orchard Clinic