Running gait analysis (RGA) is where your physiotherapist would look at your walking/running form on a treadmill, video it and then analyse it.

Why do it?

The purpose of running gait analysis (RGA) is to identify if there are any biomechanical errors in someone’s walking and/or running style and try to correct these errors with specific cues.

How is it done?

Your physio will ask you to walk/run on the treadmill whilst making slow motion videos of you from multiple angles. From these videos your physio is able to break up your walking/running style further and pinpoint exactly where the problem may be. Then your physio can give you specific things to work on to help improve your running style.

Who is it recommended for?

Runners or anyone who may be experiencing pain when walking or running specifically. Runners or athletes who want to improve their form or improve their performance.

Running gait analysis (RGA) is highly recommended for those post injury or surgery, especially after back surgery, who want to return to running/sport safely.

Also active children or young athletes who may be complaining of pain when running would also benefit from running gait analysis (RGA).

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How long does it take?

It takes the same length as a normal physiotherapy assessment so 45 minutes in total. 

Overall benefits

  • Reduction in pain
  • Better muscular function
  • Improved running efficiency
  • Injury prevention
  • Overall improved performance
  • Safe (and earlier) return to sport

 Who can do it?

Any one of our qualified physiotherapists at the UFIT clinic can conduct a running gait assessment but you can specifically request one of our running specialist physiotherapists when booking your appointment.

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