Sebastien Bodet BSc, MSc




Sebastien is a qualified Osteopath from France and graduated with a MSc in Osteopathy from Ecole d’Osteopathie Paris. Prior to this, he obtained a BSc in Sport & Exercise Science from the University of Rouen. He is also a certified Personal Trainer and Swimming Coach.

Before relocating to Singapore, Sebastien worked as a Sports and Health Manager for a luxury Parisian spa and launched his own Osteopathy clinic in 2014.

Sebastien has a strong sports background. He is a former Olympic swimmer who competed in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games in the 4x200m freestyle relay and represented France from 2001 to 2009 in major international competitions. He was a member of the University of Michigan Elite swimming team and to this day remains an Olympic Sports Ambassador in France.

As a former professional athlete, Sebastien understands the personal needs and requirements of returning to training and competition following an injury. He is a strong believer in a hands-on approach to treatment and believes that pain and injury should not be reduced down to one structure or part of the body. Sebastien makes sure that not only the specific injured area is treated but also other areas linked to the injury. He tailors his treatment methods and customises them to every patient to enhance effectiveness of his osteopathy techniques. 

His area of specialty is sports injuries, rehabilitation, pain and lifestyle management and offers sound advice on keeping fit. His priority with every patient is to ensure safety and efficacy of their treatment plan. Sebastien is passionate about restoring body fitness and function to its optimum so that people can continue their everyday lives.



  • MSc Osteopathy 
  • BSc Sport & Exercise Science
  • Qualified Personal Trainer
  • Qualified Swimming Coach