A new form of therapy that is at the cutting edge of injury prevention and rehabilitation, as well as essential general body maintenance.

Stretch Therapy is a one on one session with a qualified therapist, who will listen to your mobility concerns or training issues, and work with you to reduce muscle tension, restore movement, decrease pain, improve athletic performance and reduce recovery time. It can also improve posture, aid sleep and decrease stress.

Lack of flexibility can come from overworked muscles, tight fascia around a specific joint or from restricted movement such as sitting at a desk. One method we use is Active Isolated Stretching, a dynamic technique that gets results fast and safely, without activating the Stretch or Myotatic reflex, that is, without locking up the muscle.

Finding time to fit deep stretching into your routine can be hard, so let our therapists do the work for you. Each session will be tailored to your needs that day, and with repeat visits you will wonder how you ever managed without it. You will feel immediate benefit and no doubt walk away with a feeling of increased movement and relief.


Some common complaints that can be alleviated with deep, assisted stretching:

  • A strength and conditioning programme that requires improved shoulder mobility
  • An intense running schedule that leaves heavy legs and a burning Achilles
  • Pain across the upper back and shoulders from hunching over a laptop
  • Lower back strain and shortened hip flexors from long periods of sitting
  • Postural imbalances as a result of carrying children or heavy bags in the same position
  • Relief from a period of long distance travel, where your body has been forced into cramped plane seats

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